App Store 'GiveMeApps' Looking To Expand.

App Store 'GiveMeApps' Looking To Expand.

New app store, GiveMeApps is utilizing fundraiser campaign organizer INDIEGOGO to help raise capital to expand its operations. The expansion would help improve the core functionality of the app store by both adding a wealth of new features for both users and developers*, and help to steer GiveMeApps towards its mission. GiveMeApps hopes to raise $8,000 to pay for development costs, new hires, and equipment purchases. GiveMeApps gives developers 100% returns on all of their app sales in contrast to others, who normally charge a percentage from each download.

Those Who Donate Can Expect The Following Gifts For Their Support

Different gifts from Mobile Device Cases, Wallchargers, iTunes Cards, Solar USB Chargers, Vallet Systems, to Three Months Of Free Banner Advertising

PLEASE HELP US BY DONATING TODAY! - All transactions can be done via Credit Card or Paypal.

What Will Come To Fruition After We Meet Our Goal?

  • Developers will be able to upload their apps directly for download by users (not just links anymore)
  • Developer Profiles (Like Facebook) - Developers can have their own mini storefront on the site.
  • User Profiles (Like Facebook) - Users can display the apps they have and recommend apps to other users. Reviews can be displayed on profile
  • Automated Advertising - Anyone can upload advertising (nothing inappropriate)
  • Actual Apps For Devices - Users can click on an icon in their phone to access us rather than go through the web.
  • Help with acquiring actual physical office space (fees) - Right now we're all Telcommuting
  • Intern Stipends - Bolster productivity amongst our interns
  • Hire more writers and producers to writers to write unbiased professional app reviews and produce app review videos.

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