Shows2Go for Android!

∙  For watching Live TV: Open Shows2Go using one of the above Flash Browser; tap Live TV, disregard Ads (don’t click on them) and tap s... [Read More]

SeekMII - Nightclubs and Bars

SeekMII is a free social nightlife discovery app. It lets you find bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and other nightlife options around you.... [Read More]

Weigh In for Android!

Weigh In provides the user with the most accurate reading of an items weight (any item up to 2KG), which is placed onto your device. The ... [Read More]

AppCow for Android!

Since the opening of the first mobile application store in 2008, literally millions of apps have been developed for the many different mo... [Read More]

Linkin Park Recharge - Wastelands for iPhone&iPad!

They did say that one day, the graphics for games on mobile devices would equal or surpass that of dedicated consoles. That day hasn’t e... [Read More]

Alarm Clock, Stopwatch & Timer for Android!

Alarm Clock Millenium is a feature rich Alarm Clock app. It also includes a complete Stopwatch, Timers, nice widgets and more…. This amaz... [Read More]

Asphalt Moto Racing for Android!

In motorcycle racing game you need to run for several roads improving their skills and collecting rings. You can buy new bikes. * The c... [Read More]

HeyLets for iPhone&iPad!

The inevitable happens. You’re planning out your romantic date or outing with friends and have absolutely no idea what to do. Or, you are... [Read More]

Crypto-Chat for iPhone&iPad!

Who isn’t concerned about privacy these days? From hacking emails and stolen cell phones, to ripped credit card information and duplicate... [Read More]

Chatbox for Android!

What’s old is new again. When the internet exploded in the late 1990s, it took communication and information along with it. No lon... [Read More]

Battle Of Galaxies for iPhone&iPad!

There exists what seems to be an endless amount of space shooter games on the market, but none of them are as fun and playable on the mob... [Read More]

Verso for iPhone&iPad!

Every day a new Social Network appears, but very few stay and are worth talking about. Social Networks that contain photo editing options... [Read More]

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