All In: Cash And Free Play - iPhone/iPad

Like arcade games? Win real cash or play for free with ALL IN Take your gaming skills to the next level and compete in 6 classic games ... [Read More]

Quebec City - iPhone/iPad Apps | GiveMeApps

Free for a limited time (until my wife tells me!) There are many places to explore and visit in North America. But Quebec is unlike any... [Read More]

Free Workouts And Exercises For Weight Loss iPhone/iPad App Review

Here we are a month into the new year and people are breaking their New Year’s resolutions left and right. All of those people who made t... [Read More]

Who Texting Android App Review

Caller ID was perhaps one of the most important facets of telecommunication functionality tto come out of the latter half of the 20th c... [Read More]

Pindo Android App Review

If you’re a VOIP rockstar, you’re probably very aware of the battery drain and extreme data usage that comes along with it. The t... [Read More]

Day Gram iPhone/iPad App Review

It is good practice to write a journal. Whether you’re a regular 9-5er, or a corporate slinger pulling in 80 hour weeks,  academic resear... [Read More]

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