Emoji for Android!

Instant Messaging revolutionized communication in the late 1990s in many ways including bringing us the emoticon. These cute sentence end... [Read More]

Top 10 Children’s Stories for iOS & Android

If you want your child to become an avid reader, then you need to buy them books. Books cost money, and over time the numbers add up. Not... [Read More]

Rap It Back for iPhone&iPad!

First of its kind: There is NOTHING else like it out there. RapItBack is a social hip hop game where you can challenge friends, family, o... [Read More]

Subway Basketball Shots Arcade for Android!

3D Live Basketball Arcade Game..Its your turn to take the shot. Free install today! Finally…After popular demand we now bring you the u... [Read More]

3 Cakes for iPhone&iPad!

3 Cakes is the puzzle game where your goal is to build the most possible Cake shops before running out of free cells. You start wi... [Read More]

Cooking Pizza for Android!

Is time to sharpen up your cooking skills in this awesome yummy pizza game. Say goodbye to your home delivery guy, because this yummy piz... [Read More]

L.O.R. for iPhone&iPad!

With the hundreds of thousands of games titles that have been released over the years, it is very tough to come up with a unique idea and... [Read More]

What The Foto for iPhone&iPad!

What The Foto (WTF) is the latest app of addiction by Dim Sum Lab Ltd. WTF is a photo guessing game that uniquely utilises the smartphone... [Read More]

Super Gnome for iPhone&iPad!

WARNING!! VERY ADDICTING!  Instagram and Twitter: @supergnomemgt In Super Gnome, you go on an adventure by using your precise tilting... [Read More]

Jumpy Kicks for iPhone&iPad!

Since we all can’t be football superstars, we decided to make an app. Meet Dave. Your regular 9 - 5 guy. He loves long walks on the beach... [Read More]

Safari 123 for Android!

Counting for toddlers! With this game, your toddler will learn how to count from 1 to 20 in a fun way. By going on safari and countin... [Read More]

ABC Plus for Android!

With this game, your child learns the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0 through 9 in a playful way. Furthermore, the letters fro... [Read More]

Tuned XD for iPhone&iPad!

The saying in old musician’s circles is that if you wanted to get to Carnegie Hall, then you had to practice, practice, practice. Practic... [Read More]

Lost Qubixle for iPhone&iPad!

Do you ever asked yourself what happens when a star collapses? The Qubixle is a cube-shaped star which collapsed suddenly. Your task is t... [Read More]

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