Protozone for Android

Bobby needs your help! Bobby the protozoon has lost all his magic stars on a trip through the universe and he doesn't want to ret... [Read More]

Joomeez Nova for iOS and Android

Space games have been the all the rage since the early days of Video Games in the late 70s. The longevity of the genre is due to there ... [Read More]

Remo Privacy Cleaner for Android

Many of us are familiar with the now necessary cleaning apps for desktop and laptop OSs which promise to clean your computer of unnecessa... [Read More]

Hidden Object Adventure Free For Android.

Once upon a time, there were magazines such as HighlightsTM for Kids which featured Hidden Picture puzzles. Month after month, kids would... [Read More]

Vid Lib for Android. 100,000+ Clips Starting At $1!

When something sounds too good to be true, either it is, or you need to investigate more. Stock photo and video clip sites have been all ... [Read More]

Solitaire Free For Android

Enjoy the classic Solitaire card game, with intuitive game-play and stunning graphics. The self-adjusting layouts result in crisp graphi... [Read More]

Amazing Jet Rider | Video Review

Check out our Video Review for Amazing Jet Rider! Grab your jetpack, fly through Jungles, grab coins and cool upgrades! Watch out for the... [Read More]

Amazing Jet Rider For iOS! Grab Your Jetpack And Go!

Jet packs have been all the rage over the years in countless films, cartoons, science fiction documentaries and video games. Movies such ... [Read More]

Maths Practice For Android

This Helps Students Practice their Maths Skills, it Consists of 50 Questions, Options to the Questions and it includes the Solutions to a... [Read More]

RIP Virtual For iOS. Create A Memorial And Pay Your Respects Online

Death is often associated with negative connotations such as loss, sadness and misery. Others choose to positive spin on such an event ... [Read More]

Samuel T Moore Of Corte Magore For The iPad. Video Review!

Check out our YouTube Video Review of Samuel T. Moore Of Corte Magore for the iPad! [Read More]

Samuel T. Moore Of Corte Magore For The iPad

Any student from Pre-School to college can tell you the importance of devices like the iPad. From the Kindle to the Windows and Android v... [Read More]

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