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Many of us are familiar with the now necessary cleaning apps for desktop and laptop OSs which promise to clean your computer of unnecessary wasteful files and folders which have the potential to act as a bottleneck to your computer's performance. The most popular ones are available as free downloads and clean up (read: delete) your internet cache files, garbage in otherwise free space, old passwords, and other meddlesome data. The time has come for the same software to be available for your mobile devices! A few already exist, but there is none comes close to the intuitiveness of Remo Privacy Cleaner.

Enter Remo

Remo (ironically, the name of my favorite drum head) boasts a feature that puts it ahead of its competition -  "One Click Clean". After tapping the app icon from your app home screen, a quick load ensues and the startup screen appears with a white dialog prompt in the foreground and all of the main options in the app greyed out. This prompt on the startup screen features the "One Click Clean" mentioned above. This puts every cleaning and clearing feature under one button for those who do not wish to get that far underneath the hood of their operating system.
The prompt quantifies the data taken up in certain areas including Cache, History, Bookmark, Clipboard, No Of Call Logs and No of SMS. You can either select "Clean", which clears everything, "Select & Clean" and "Cancel". "Select & Clean" as the name implies will let you clear out areas individually

The Options

If you opt out of One Touch clean, you can choose from the many options including “Clean Cache”, “Clean History”, “Clean Bookmarks”, “Clean Clipboard”, “Clean Call Log”, “Clear SMS” and “Clean Free Space”. All of these options are self-explanatory. The awesome thing about each option is that they allow you to see the contents of each area before you commit to carrying out the respective function. This of course is great for confirmation. You get to make sure you really want to clear something out. For example, selecting “Clean Cache” will break the cache down by apps clogging it up. In our case, we were able to see the amount of data under “Internet”, “Facebook Messenger”, “Google Play Store” and “Google Search”, all amounting to 9.46MB. Nice!
On the other hand, “Clean Free Space” gives you pie charts on how much data resides in certain areas using clean graphics making for a sleek modern look.


Clicking on the Options button of your Android device brings up the “Settings Menu”, where you can tweak parameters even further. One of the options here is the “Auto Clean Mode”, in our opinion an even bigger selling point. From here, you can have the app run automatically at any set interval! Want to clear your cache every 24 hours? Be our guest! How about once a month? Go right ahead!


We give this app 5 out of 5 stars for its usefulness, intuitiveness, design and for the fact that it just works! The FREE version is definitely worth the download. The Pro version costs $1.95 and is also worth a look.

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