Win $100 By Playing Drop Possible? For The iPhone & iPad!

DROP POSSIBLE? on App Store. $100 prize for first gamer to reach 20 levels. Be first to email Game Center login proof to  info@krysti... [Read More]

Rudetoons for iPhone, iPad & Android! Send A Rudetoon And Brighten Up A Boring Day!

Tired of sending lame text messages? “Lame” because in this day and age of Facebook and Instagram where graphics and regular photos are... [Read More]

Opportunety for iPhone and iPad! Discover New Music or Get Discovered!

Opportunety takes a different approach to  the already popular music site/service. If you are a listener, you can search for new music ... [Read More]

Drop Possible for iPhone and iPad

Can we ever get enough of Pong? It seems as if every day another developer is putting out a Pong –style game. There are good reasons fo... [Read More]

PlayWorld for iPad! Have Kids Learn Basic Words In A Foreign Language!

PlayWorld™ is a revolutionary way to learn basic words in a foreign language. Kids are motivated through a series of game rewards and are... [Read More]

Car City Parking 3D for Android! How Well Can You Park Your Car?

There have always been a ton of car themed video games on the market, all the way back to the beginning of the video game industry. The... [Read More]

The Gravity for iPhone and iPad. The Most Difficult Logic Game Ever!

Perhaps you have conquered every logic puzzle or brainteaser ever conceived. You are the logic connoisseur. There is no puzzle or proble... [Read More]

Easy Abs for Android!

Time to get into shape! New Ab Fitness Program!  It’s fun, it’s challenging you don’t have to go to the gym but do expect to reap the b... [Read More]

Cash4 Books for iPhone and iPad. Get Cash For Your Books!

Just every college student, current and former will cringe in frustration when the subject of textbook costs come up. You also have the i... [Read More]

Sketchabulary for iPhone and iPad!

Build your child's vocabulary and appreciation for art by matching the first letter associated with each illustration. Sketchcabulary... [Read More]

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