Drop Possible for iPhone and iPad

Can we ever get enough of Pong? It seems as if every day another developer is putting out a Pong –style game. There are good reasons for this. Number one, we can never get enough of a good thing. Two, if it aint broke, don’t fix it! Krystis.com has taken a new spin on Pong with their new iOS game, “Drop Possible”. This takes pong to another level. That level would be major, major frustration

The Premise

Drop Possible requires strategy and a lot of patience. The premise is to get the ball to go through the hole, and to make the ball hit the displayed triangles once! Should the ball touch the anywhere but the hole, or the triangles a second time, it explodes and you are forced to start from the beginning. Sound easy? Think again.
There is a level called “Impossible” which can only be reached if the first 16 levels are completed. Impatient? You have an option to play that level earlier if you go for the in app purchase.


One of the things we loved about this Pong recreation is the simplicity and dark theme. The ball and sound are synced to the music which makes for interesting game play.  The background music of choice is in the EDM genre, which gives it retro appeal making it more likeable in our opinion.


This game moves quickly! Patience is required to master this. We made it only to level 4 during the review and dealt with the pain of starting over almost too much. Of course, this makes the game addictive and a great time killer, more out of frustration than anything else.
It is .99, which is not necessarily bad considering there are no ads, pop-ups or other annoying things that make free games less enjoyable. Two things are a given with Drop Possible, enjoyment and frustration!

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