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Opportunety takes a different approach to  the already popular music site/service. If you are a listener, you can search for new music by artist, genre, peer through featured material (decided by ratings by other listeners), or see what is trending. You can view artist bio information, art work, favorite what you like and share them on the social networks. You can purchase songs you like by visiting iTunes links.

Rather than scrolling for hours on end on iTunes, this allows you to hear fresh new music, as long as those artists have signed up with the service. By favoriting, you can listen to the said material as often as you like as you like without purchasing. Of course, that means the song is on the player, not your device.

Artists Rejoice?

Opportunety allows for Artists and Publishers to create accounts, upload music, liner notes, bio information, pictures at the tune of 24/Mo. The service advertises this as “less than the price of a cup of coffee a day”. All music goes through an “audition process” for originality. Once approved, you are on your way.  No recording contract required.

While this is an app, there is a web component. Publishers will access the website to upload their material.
The developers of the app and service tout Opportunety as being a “merit-based”. “Merit” is a measurement system on the app. Artists who receive the most “merit”, receive the most promotional opportunities. That could mean being “Featured” in the app itself, or even the chance at appearing on their Opportunety Television Show.

Is this The Answer?

How well Opportunety fairs with the public remains to be seen. There are a ton of competing services out there, many with ties to heavyweights in entertainment. Many of its competitors are free for both the artist and listener.

Opportunety stands out because of its audition process, merit-based system (they stand by this), being ad-free, and promotion of original, fresh music. Just about every other player and site is saturated with commercial material.

If you are an indie person, enjoy discovering new original music from independent artists and want a way to share what you discover, or are an artist looking for another promotional vehicle, Opportunety is it. Both the app and service have a lot of potential. The install is free, so you have nothing to lose.

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