Abstract Evolution for iPhone&iPad

Abstract Art appreciators unite! According to Wikipedia, Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and lines to create a composi... [Read More]

Cheekio Jungle Adventures for iOS & Android

Flappy-Mania continues with a whole host of games being released dedicated to the tap-to-navigate genre which has shaken up the video and ... [Read More]

PieRats for iPhone&iPad!

What happens when you cross the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise with the classic video game Dots and Boxes? You get PieRats! This new ... [Read More]

Persist Volume Control for Android!

Total Control…. Whatever the subject is, we like it. There is no better feeling than being in complete control over any situation. Total ... [Read More]

Maximize Battery Life - Saver for Android!

Maximize Battery Life is a powerful Battery Saver App which is designed to reduce the battery consumption and increase battery life at th... [Read More]

Bunkd for iPhone&iPad

Summer is coming! Pretty soon you will see an onslaught of cars on the road, airline seats reserved and hotels booked. Often, getting the... [Read More]

Cal Pow Dash for iOS & Android!

If you take any video game concept and put it in a medieval setting, you’ll get takers. Add a Princess to the mix, you’ll get more takers.... [Read More]

MapItOut for iPhone&iPad!

Planning a trip or vacation can be an exciting but daunting task. After budgeting, getting the proper time off and making room and board ... [Read More]

Purple Submarine II for Android!

There is no such thing as too much of a good thing! Purple Submarine II joins the tap to navigate madness that has taken over gaming sinc... [Read More]

Fly Balloon, Fly! for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8!

Ladies and Gentleman, we are officially in the Tap-To-Navigate era! Spearheaded by successful games like Flappy Bird, imitation games hav... [Read More]

Color Lines (4 in 1) for Android!

Once upon a time when games came on giant floppy disks and cartridges, and were far more expensive, game packs were common place and cons... [Read More]

Chrome Reader (Voice) for Android!

One sure way to recognize that you’re living in the 21 st  century is to pay attention to how much voice driven software and hardware has... [Read More]

Audio Recorder Hifi for WindowsPhone8

A complete audio recording experience for your Windows Phone. Enables recording in higher quality formats, up to 48k samples per second.... [Read More]

partyONN for Android!

partyONN is the world’s premier night life connection community. If you enjoy a fun night out on the town, this is where all the night ... [Read More]

Speedy Kart Racing Madness for iPhone&iPad!

Are you ready to enter the most exciting Kart Racing Ever!! Tilt your device to dodge other racers and tap on Rockets and other special... [Read More]

The Coupons App for iOS&Android!

The two following words will always get the attention of anyone, “Discount” and “Deals”. Everyone wants to save a buck. Everyone wants ... [Read More]

Shoot Em All for WindowsPhone!

One of the greatest things about mobile platform gaming is all of the retro themed games that have been released as late. From 1970s po... [Read More]

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