Audio Recorder Hifi for WindowsPhone8

A complete audio recording experience for your Windows Phone. Enables recording in higher quality formats, up to 48k samples per second. This app is essential for phones that have high quality microphones, like the Lumia 920 and 1020.
Audio Recorder HiFi is designed for all your audio recording needs, but it really shines in those situations when you want to capture in higher quality and fidelity. Maybe it’s a concert of your favorite band, your child’s recital, or high quality audio needed for analysis.
Most audio recording apps provide only the built-in audio format, which uses the lossy AAC compression. The developers of Audio Recorder HiFi have done the extra work to bring you lossless audio recording of up to 48000 samples/sec.
• Fast, fluid and easy to use interface
• Loudness Meter for monitoring recording levels
• Record in several formats: 
- Lossless PCM - up to 48000 samples/sec 
- Lossy AAC compression (similar to MP3)
• Record during Lock Screen
• Background playback of recorded audio. (You can perform other tasks and other apps during playback).
• Organize your recorded tracks into folders
• Attach Photos and Notes to your recordings.
• Export to OneDrive (formerly Skydrive)
• Export to Music Hub
Unleash your microphone’s potential with Audio Recorder HiFi!

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