Super Beardo - The Drunk Super Hero for iPhone&iPad!

Super Beardo is very unusual super hero. Use his weird super powers to crush the enemy and get to the top of the world. He always wanted ... [Read More]

Canda Rasta for Android!

Jamaica has a rich 500 year history starting with the arrival of Columbus and the Spaniards in the late 15 th  century to the developme... [Read More]

Havoc Heroes for Android!

Go against all odds and charge your way through the battle lines with your hero for as far as you can in this EPIC Endless Platform Runne... [Read More]

Bricks Engineer for iPhone&iPad!

Simple yet challenging is a concept that very few game developers get right. It’s been the cornerstone of the industry’s biggest classics... [Read More]

AnyMote for Android!

One by one, our devices are making it difficult for the manufacturers of traditional electronics to survive. Think about it, fifteen year... [Read More]

Wharfie: Stack The Shipping Containers for iPhone&iPad!

It’s your first day on the job !! Welcome to the wharf…you must learn fast how to drive that crane and stack those shipping containers th... [Read More]

JetMe: Your Private Jet for iPhone&iPad

JetMe — On-Demand Private Jet Sharing Fly from San Francisco Bay Area to Greater Los Angeles Area and pay up to 50% off regular charter f... [Read More]

Ping ‘N’ Call for Android!

Ping’n’Call is a service that enriches calling experience by allowing users to send purpose of the call before the call. Users can set ... [Read More]

Ninja Warz 2 for iPhone&iPad!

Our fascination with Ninjas and martial arts goes back for centuries. Popularized in American Culture by way of the media, namely movie... [Read More]

Livinity for iPhone&iPad

So it’s happened. You’re about to meet who appears to be the perfect person on a date which you set up online and are super excited. Yo... [Read More]

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