Ping ‘N’ Call for Android!

Ping’n’Call is a service that enriches calling experience by allowing users to send purpose of the call before the call. Users can set status and mood message to indicate availability to receive the call. The service also supports sending name and introduction, along with the purpose, in case incoming number does not exist under Contacts. Call history with purpose is stored automatically and spares the users from the complexity of leaving Voice Message.
 Bye-Bye Account/Login/Password/Charges/Buddies: Say NO to creating accounts, logins and passwords. Once you and your friends download Ping’n’Call, you can use it to send as many pings as you want*. 
 Bye-Bye Voice Mails: Access call history associated with incoming and outgoing calls. No need for users to access voice mails for missed calls.
 Automatic address book sync: See your friends using Ping’n’Call, no more friend requests.
 Read Aloud: Don’t bother to reach out to your device to understand who and why someone is calling. Ping’n’Call will read out this information to you.
 No need to type: Ping’n’Call allows users to speak the purpose of the call, which will be converted to text.
 Profile Information: Introduction is sent along with the ping. Users will get the caller information before receiving the actual call. Remove all doubts about who is calling.
 Availability: Status message informs users whether it is a good time to make a call.
 Default Dialer: Users can choose their default dialer to make a call from their devices

*When roaming, additional carrier data charges may apply. Please contact your carrier for details.

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