Poliflap iPhone/iPad | GiveMeApps

The race for the White House is OFFICIALLY ON!!!! Who will win in the biggest battle of them all for the biggest job there is - the next... [Read More]

Stakehaul iPhone/iPad App Review | GiveMeApps

Okay readers, let’s be honest. How many times have you made a bet in the office? Who can bring in the most clients? Who can beat your man... [Read More]

Face Browse for the iPhone/iPad! | GiveMeApps

Face Browse is a fast web browser you can scroll by moving your head. Face it, you’re interested now. Face Browse continuously tracks you... [Read More]

IQ Option - Binary Options FREE

If you are planning on binary options trading, options trading, looking to test a new binary options trading signal / stochastic signal, ... [Read More]

Seudos Android App Review | GiveMeApps

As if there weren’t enough social networks in existence, another one comes online… and you can’t wait! Look, let’s be honest. If you’re ... [Read More]

Spotya for Android!

Find a fitness buddy with SpotYa, the easiest way to meet and train with different people. Finding a gym buddy has never been easier. We ... [Read More]

Hart For The iPhone/iPad!

Hart is a unique way to express yourself so that others can be attracted to your creative side. Upload anything interesting about you i... [Read More]

YEAY for the iPhone and iPad!

YEAY is a revolutionary e-commerce experience that redefines what it means to buy and sell on a mobile device. With full-screen vertical ... [Read More]

Evensi Android App Review

Ever try to plan the perfect outing for you and your significant other? How about for a first date? How about for a group of friends or f... [Read More]

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