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Face Browse is a fast web browser you can scroll by moving your head. Face it, you’re interested now.

Face Browse continuously tracks your facial movements behind the scenes, allowing you to control a lightning-quick web browser by simply moving your head left or right. With it, you can do things like follow recipes without needing to get the screen dirty. Or, you can simply sit in bed and read a novel by just moving your head, no screen interaction required. Whether you use it to be industrious or lazy, Face Browse is happy to facilitate your browsing needs either way.

Check out some of Face Browse’s Cool Features:
• Secure: The feed from your device’s camera will never leave your device and is never transmitted over the internet.
• Blazing Fast: Face Browse is built on top of the same engine as Safari, making it just as fast or faster than Apple’s built-in web browser.
• Feature-Packed: Aside from letting you control it with your face, Face Browse has all the features you’d expect from a browser, such as bookmarks, tabs, and suggestions.
• Plenty of Settings: Face Browse is extremely customizable, allowing you to control preview window size, tracking speed, and more.

To get it to work simply turn your head to the left to scroll up, and turn your head to the right to scroll down. More gestures are coming soon.
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