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Okay readers, let’s be honest. How many times have you made a bet in the office? Who can bring in the most clients? Who can beat your manager in a push-up contest? Who can drink the most water continuously from the water cooler in one sitting? Perhaps none of you did the last two, but if you’re someone who loves to challenge others in clean fun activities, then Stakehaul might be on your next download list.
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Stakehaul has been coined as a “social wagering” app. As the description implies, it allows you to create challenges amongst friends and colleagues. If that wasn’t enough, you can even sit out and act as a judge if you designate yourself as such.

Use requires signing in. As expected, you can sign in through Facebook, but thankfully, there is a traditional email option for those who don’t like sharing their social media information. Once signed in you can create challenges, view past challenges, invite friends or tweak settings, with all of these options clearly displayed as icons at the bottom of the screen.
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To create a challenge, you simply tap on “Create A New Challenge”. There you name the Challenge, choose from at least a dozen categories, describe the activity, set an expiration date and a sign up deadline. For example, if the activity was a race, you may want to get a head count by say later on that day. After this, you set the privacy level. You can even the challenge as social or private.
Stakehaul Offers Flexible Teaming Options
Challenges can be for money. To set it as such, you have to choose “Monetary” as the stake category. The “Ah” factor comes in with the “Team” option. You can set up teams. This is perfect for retreats, parties or other social events. As mentioned earlier, you can participate in your challenge or preside as a judge.
Stakehaul is a unique app catering to a niche which I’m surprised no one has thought of or made a big name for themselves as of this tme. In future releases, it would be nice to see more challenge categories added and perhaps some teaming options. It should be pointed out that Stakehaul does not advertise this for sports betting of any kind. Great to see a company follow good ethical practice. Let us know what you think of this app. It has great potential.
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