XMTV Player for Android!

Sometimes what you get is not enough. Such is the case with our mobile devices. Every year manufacturers try to keep up with the pace tec... [Read More]

Food Planner for iOS&Android!

The idea of everyone being on the go is no stranger to the common individual. Therefore, as much as we have our eyes peered to our mobile... [Read More]

Qontact for Windows Phone!

It’s almost impossible to imagine someone not being on the go here in the beginning of the 21 st  century. Whether you are a businessman,... [Read More]

Daniel Ventura's Cover Model Body for iPhone&iPad

Let’s face it. Going to the gym is a time consuming effort. Getting the perfect body, the types of bodies displayed in the media require ... [Read More]

MTB Downhill Challenges for Android!

Choose your bike, your style and let’s ride on trails inspired by the world’s famous biking places! Compete for the gold medals in dif... [Read More]

Gyf for iPhone&iPad!

Gyf turns your video into a sleek, lightweight animation that can be instantly shared with friends across the web. A suite of stylish fil... [Read More]

Find Me Noms for Android!

We’ve all been in the situation where we were super duper hungry and despite our feverish efforts, either cannot find the perfect place t... [Read More]

Christmas Jewels for Android!

The Holiday season is upon us and if you’re like the average American, you do your best to get into the Holiday spirit. This includes enj... [Read More]

Ninflated for iPhone&iPad!

We never get tired of the art of Ninja fighting. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the art of the Samurai, we continue to eat it up in... [Read More]

BlueChatBox for iOS&Android!

There are so many different chat apps and let’s be honest, we keep up with them all. As people tire of one method of mobile communication... [Read More]

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