Ninflated for iPhone&iPad!

We never get tired of the art of Ninja fighting. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the art of the Samurai, we continue to eat it up in the Box Office, Video Games and Martial Arts Lessons. There is no shortage of Ninja Styled fighting games, but how many deal with bubble riding? Ninflated, a new iOS game takes a new twist on both the art of the Ninja, and the tap to move paradigm made popular by Flappy Bird and the like. Here we put the game to the test to see how fun and challenging it could be.
Tap, Move, Start Over
In Ninflated, your job is to get Nin to move through the Ninja Training tower through a series of moves. You move up from floor to floor with each floor having a set of controls. You can either tap or drag. On the floors which you drag, you have to move Nin by swiping your finger from side to side to get him through the openings in between each floor. Some floors will require you to tap on a series of circles to get the character to move from side to side. As you advance, the movements can be backward which is counterintuitive adding the to challenge and confusion. We made it several levels in and we can attest to it being a real challenge. You have to move swiftly and focus! We managed to beat our own scores with a lot of concentration and effort
Ninflated offered a nice refreshing take on the popular tap to move games that have saturated the market as of late. Here, you not only tap to move, but the controls change all of the time which will keep you focused. The graphics were simple and the music had a retro feel which we found aesthetically pleasing. With such simple concepts, Ninflated hits it out of the park with a completely playable, challenging and fun affair that is great for everyone from kids to senior citizen. 

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