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There are so many different chat apps and let’s be honest, we keep up with them all. As people tire of one method of mobile communication, we move onto another in search for the next big thing. With each release chat apps are becoming increasingly complex and sometimes much to the cry of users, way more than it’s worth. BlueChatBox takes the reverse approach with a simple interface, emojis, file upload capability and some cool tricks.
I’m Different
Signing up with BlueChatBox is almost effortless. Once you receive your validation code via SMS, you are ready to go. The app opens immediately with several options on the bottom of the screen in the form of a menu. What makes it stand out from its peers is its Nearby feature which lets you chat with people in your vicinity who also has the app. This nice addition allows you to get in right away without having to wait for your friends to download it. We came across dozens of existing chats for which we started participating in right away. An icon on the top right allows you to zoom out and chat with people worldwide. We found conversations in English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.
The Custom Background feature allows you to customize your backgrounds using the included wallpapers or via selecting an existing photo in your gallery. This is your chat view however. The person on the receiving end of the chatting can select their own background for their own viewing pleasure. Finally, you can add images and you have access to many emojis. Like most chat apps, you can edit your profile with a status/emotion and update your profile pic. You can also create groups easily. Since users can enter any chat, you can count on having people to chat with in no time.
BlueChatBox wins points for its simplicity and its nearby features which makes it a joy to use. The interface is simple, but easy on the eyes. As emojis are standard nowadays, it should be of no surprise that the app comes with a generous supply of them. The app is no-frills, to the point and works as you would expect it to which is perfect for the seasoned chatter who just wants to get in and converse to their hearts content.

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