Bubble Island Android App Review | GiveMeApps

It appears that bubble shooting games are the new fad. Just a couple of years ago, it seemed as if every game being released had somethin... [Read More]

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Thank comic books for popular culture’s obsession with bats. Blind creatures, they get around using bio-sonar, are mainly nocturnal and... [Read More]

Pootagram for iPhone/iPad | GiveMeApps

Send a poot to a friend and make them laugh. We will be adding new monsters, poots and features in the future. Get on list to find out ... [Read More]

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Mobile productivity apps have to some degree always been accused of lagging behind their desktop counterparts and for good reason... [Read More]

Aminal Stickers for iPhone/iPad | GiveMeApps

This is a free pack of stickers featuring a bunch of pretty charming Aminals. 60 Stickers total right now, more will probably be added in... [Read More]

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Who doesn’t like a little bit of nostalgia? If you’re privy to the bleeps and blips of early video games, grainy graphics and simple game... [Read More]

Teething Chart iPhone/iPad App Review

Remember the tooth fairy? If you’re a parent and have a child age 6-12, you might be in the habit of leaving quarters underneath ... [Read More]

My Babys Teeth iPhone/iPad App Review | GiveMeApps

For many parents, when a baby is going through teething, it is either a smooth ride or a rough road. Some babies deal with irrita... [Read More]

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