Kim Cam for Android!

Many times we take the news too seriously and forget to make light of otherwise dire situations. We’ve spent too many years fearing what ... [Read More]

Chocolate Raiders for iOS & Android!

Our obsession with chocolate can be seen everywhere. Take a trip to your local candy store, visit your neighborhood fast food restaurant ... [Read More]

SHORTYY HD for iPhone&iPad!

If you could somehow take a retro classic like Super Mario Brothers and make the main character cuter, make the music happier and make th... [Read More]

PepBlast Motion Pictures for iPhone&iPad!

Create and share fun movies with your pictures and music easily. Personalize your video with one of several amazing styles and animations... [Read More]

Monster Farm for iPhone&iPad!

Monster Farm is easy to play, but hard to put down. Simply match two or more blocks of the same colour to clear the level!  Your puzzle s... [Read More]

Bubble Jeopardy for iPhone&iPad!

How many ways can you skin a cat? Several hundred apparently. When Candy Crush hit the market some time ago, it took the mobile game pl... [Read More]

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