Chocolate Raiders for iOS & Android!

Our obsession with chocolate can be seen everywhere. Take a trip to your local candy store, visit your neighborhood fast food restaurant or wait for the ice cream truck during the summer time and you will find more than one item that deals with the coca plant. It then should not surprise you that a video game now exists to remind us with the obsession. Just in time for Valentine’s Day not only will obtaining our favorite indulgence be the subject of a video game, but getting will require more than just whipping out a few quarters. Chocolate Raiders for Android will make it hard to get it!
The Brown Raid
Chocolate raiders marries excellent hand drawn graphics, easy controls, cerebrally taxing strategies and delicious happy endings into a game with over 75 different challenging levels. Your objective is to have the cute chocolate craving monster to get to the Chocolate King while collecting as much chocolate as possible. The ruler has the means to get your obsessed chocolate fan to the next level. To collect the chocolate and get to your guy, you have to travel down a path. As the levels increase, these paths are harder to construct. In a labyrinth styled maze, your job is to move sections of these paths into place so they allow the cute monster to travel them from where they are currently to the cloaked boss.
Not only must you create this path, but you must do it using as few moves as possible. In some cases, constructing a path may get you to the chocolate king, but you may not pick up all of the chocolate available. Your score is calculated based on how much chocolate you picked up, how much time has passed and how many moves you made. All of these are presented to you as stats at the end of each level. You are also rated in your performance.
Chocolate Raiders is a nice combination of challenging game play and obsessive madness. The detail of the graphics including the colors chosen down to the animation of the characters will capture the interest of users both young and old alike. With over seventy five levels included with a performance rating at the end of each level, Chocolate Raiders will not only let you enjoy your obsession in video game form, but will also have you trying to outdo yourself with each try.

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