SHORTYY HD for iPhone&iPad!

If you could somehow take a retro classic like Super Mario Brothers and make the main character cuter, make the music happier and make the game play a little more challenging, you might have a game like the new Shortyy HD. In this adventure, you’re not saving princesses, but instead collecting apples, jumping and pushing crates to avoid dangerous obstacles and maneuvering around really tough enemies!
Short Story
Shortyy is a cute character that somewhat resembles the orange hairy monster of the Looney Tunes cartoons of the 1950s. This purple creature has to collect as many apples as he can. Initially, there are skulls to jump over. Touching one enemy will make you die instantly, so think twice and be at ease with the available controls. Getting around is simple. There are two arrows on the left side of the screen which allow you to move left or right. An up arrow at the right side of the screen allows you to jump. From time to time you will encounter stacked crates. Some of the crates are moveable. For example, on one cliff, walking into the crate will make it fly into the air and land. It could land on your head. You would then use that crate to jump over another stack of crates.
Apples are on the ground, in the sky and on crates. In the beginning, flying creatures are all abound while later, skulls on the ground, flying blue dust balls and what appears to be flying torpedoes appear which makes getting around very difficult. Once you get a hang of the controls, getting around is easy, but they are sensitive, so you have to do your due diligence and play the game a few times to get the hang of things.
Shortyy HD has a cuteness factor of 1000. Add to it that you can set up checkpoints every 90 seconds, can restart the game as many times as you like and that it gets challenging very quickly and you will find yourself lost for quite a bit of time as you try to move further along. If you’re into retro classics, then you should give Shortyy HD a look.

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