Piano Companion for iPhone and iPad!

Piano Companion is a flexible chord/scale dictionary with user libraries and reverse mode. Piano Companion allows you to find a chord or... [Read More]

Amplifind Music Player and Visualizer for iPad

Check out Amplifind Music Player And Visualizer for the iPad!  Amplifind is a music player built by music-lovers for music-lovers. D... [Read More]

Get. Got? Go! for iPhone and iPad! Form Words Against The Clock!

We can’t get enough of challenging word games. They bust our brain cells, forcing us to think. They’re addictive, challenging and fun... [Read More]

Yo! Darling for iOS! Dating Made Simple!

Online Dating is here to stay. Since its inception in the late 1990s, it has become ubiquitous and the way of things for many people.... [Read More]

Instawrite 2 for iOS! Create Stunning Graphical Text Messages Easily!

There are a ton of writing and graphics apps on the market today with a plethora of features and a myriad of options and add-ons. There i... [Read More]

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