Get. Got? Go! for iPhone and iPad! Form Words Against The Clock!

We can’t get enough of challenging word games. They bust our brain cells, forcing us to think. They’re addictive, challenging and fun. While we've reviewed plenty of word games in the scrabble tradition, Get Got Go for iOS sets the stakes quite a bit higher.

The Concept

Get Got Go is similar to Scrabble board games and the successful Words With Friends. You work with tiles, have to form words, get points for having words of a certain length, and there are rules for how words connect and how they may be placed. Get Got Go however makes you race against the clock, and there are some wild surprises to make you clench your fists in eager frustration.  

You have 3 minutes to form as many words as you can on your own (paid version), or against other players who happen to be on (free version). The startup screen gives you access to a well laid out tutorial, as well as Facebook and Twitter support pages. Paid users can enjoy the “Store” which allows ways to get out of game binds (called “Remedies”) via in-app purchases. You can also change the game theme here.


Playing is as simple as clicking on the “Get” button to get tiles. As you place tiles on the board, you can always grab more tiles by pressing this button. You can then form words off of each other. Penalties come in from unfinished and broken word groups. Words must be more than 2 letters.
There are some surprises. Drawing a wild tile may create a good or bad action. Wipeout tiles clear the board. The clock doesn't stop, so beware!

Can You Get Got?

Get Got Go has enough flair to make it stand out from the pack of word games currently on the market. Surprisingly the free version forces you into a Multi-Player situation, but oddly enough, we don’t see that as a bad thing. This game is challenging and playing with others will help you to hone your chops. The paid version is the prize however, and worth the $1.99. We genuinely loved this app. 4 ½ out of 5 stars.

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