Katang for Android!

With the large library of puzzle games available, it is hard to believe that designers have not run out of ideas. That said it is always ... [Read More]

Emojicate for iPhone&iPad!

Can you communicate just using emojis? Emojicate is the fun new app where you chat & share your status using just emojis.  Don’t wast... [Read More]

Enemy Dawn for iPhone&iPad!

You’ve seen the trailer. You’ve waited in anticipation. Now it’s here! Play the highly acclaimed “Enemy Dawn”. The Nazis has invaded Pola... [Read More]

Perfect Poker for Android!

If you are a poker aficionado, can play the game all day, but don’t wish to spend your own hard earned money while playing; If you want a... [Read More]

Hurt Locker for Android!

So your life is on your cell phone or device. You went out and purchased the newest supercharged device on steroids and have accu... [Read More]

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