Speedoodle for iPhone&iPad!

What would the Mona Lisa painting look like if Leonardo da Vinci only had three seconds to complete it?  What would it look like if one o... [Read More]

Dad Shark for iPhone&iPad!

Flappy mania doesn’t seem to want to go away, which is bad because of too much of the same thing does get boring. Regendanz has released ... [Read More]

Flirty Birdys for Android!

These days, it seems as if the birds have a hold on the mobile gaming market. From the tap to flap to attack games, we aren’t sure if w... [Read More]

Shou.MX for iPhone&iPad!

Shou.MX These days, we are living in Flappy-Mania! Every day there is a new tap-to-flap game that tries to make it stand itself out f... [Read More]

Mama Shark for iPhone&iPad!

The Flappy Bird transplants are taking over the entire gaming world. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. A lot of the game... [Read More]

Flying Fly - Jetpack Powered Fly Racing for iPhone&iPad!

Pick your favorite fly, strap on your jetpack to defy gravity, and see what the cave has in store for you! It’s a ride you will never f... [Read More]

Baby Shark for iPhone&iPad!

Baby Shark is kind of like Flappy Bird but instead of a bird there is a shark, and instead of Nintendo-like pipes there is seaweed. There... [Read More]

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