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These days, we are living in Flappy-Mania! Every day there is a new tap-to-flap game that tries to make it stand itself out from the crowd. They are all addictive, but few are successful. The more successful ones take the original theme and expand upon it, making the game more enjoyable, playable and brings some unique twists along the way. Shou.MX, is a game featuring El Pollito Nuclear, a Dominican Hero born with vision issues remedied by a cybernetic implant in his head. This implant is responsible for the .MX suffix of Shou’s name.
Simplicity Is Key
If you have ever played a tap-to-navigate (TTN) game, then you already know how to play Shou MX. One thing that stands out is game play. In most TTN games, if you hit an object from any angle, even slightly, you will die and have to start from scratch. This is not the case here. The game is a bit more forgiving (we wonder if this has to do with the implant). If you hit the “industrial pipes” from underneath or slightly graze over them, you can continue. Hit a pipe directly and it’s curtains.
We were able to reach a high score of 45 in our initial test run which is amazing. We have not had that much success with other tap games. Tap pros will scoff at this, but it goes to show how much more laid back the game is. This in our opinion makes the game far more playable and enjoyable. The app listing makes mention of your character getting larger as you accumulate more points. The end result is eventually escaping the facility. We most likely would have needed more points to see this happen, but it does make for an interesting way to set goals in the game, and of course, keep you coming back.
We enjoyed Shou.MX, even more so the note that Shou.MX whose alias is “El Pollito Nuclear” is Dominican! There are ads which are hardly noticeable, neatly tucked away at the bottom of the screen. The ease at which you can gain more points, get larger as you move forward and that it doesn’t require much effort to tap (some of these games require aggressive tapping to stabilize) makes it a joy to play. As it is free, it is worth the college try. After a few plays, you will definitely be back for more.

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