Allwomenstalk for iPhone & iPad

Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Career Diva. What do they have in common? They are websites and publications geared mostly toward women. T... [Read More]

RetroShips Space Shooters for Android

From Metroid on up, the gaming community never gets tired of shoot ‘em up games. As long as the game play is different, the graphics ar... [Read More]

Casino Jack for iPhone & iPad

Go ahead and say it. No more Casino slots games! The typical Casino Slot and Blackjack game has saturated the market. Trying to replica... [Read More]

Drinks Guide™ Beers n Cocktail for Android

Drinks tracker feature can help you keep track of number of beers, shots or wines you drink over period of time. You can add the beers... [Read More]

Ski Full Tilt 3D For iOS & Android!

Ski Full Tilt 3D lets you ski down the mountain using easy tilt movements. It uses real-world physics and high resolution terrain to si... [Read More]

Verse-A-Day for iPhone & iPad. Daily Bible Verses

We all know that the Bible is the most popular and published literary work ever. It’s also a large book. With Kindles, iPads and other ... [Read More]

Caller ID Faker for Android. Prank Your Friends!

Who does not enjoy making prank phone calls? You might call it immature, but back in the 90s before Caller ID made its debut, prank pho... [Read More]

Antivirus Privacy Firewall for Android

Gone are the days where phones are just neutral devices in our pockets used to just make phone calls and cross off dates on simple ca... [Read More]

BeforeIDead for iPhone & iPad!

Designed for iOS7. Before I Dead is an app that helps you to record your life dream. *Add a dream or target *Set progress regularly *Set... [Read More]

Angry Bunny Jumper 3D for Android!

Raccoons are invading carrot fields! As in Angry Birds, defend your territory with the crazy Bunny Jumper. Use the cannon to throw Bu... [Read More]

Perfect Ear 2 for Android! The Ultimate Musician's Resource.

There are a myriad of apps available for musicians, singers, recording artists and music educators. What they all have in common is cos... [Read More]

Fun Collect for iPhone and iPad!

The old adage is “simple is always” better right? This sometimes applies to gaming. Sometimes the games with the simplest concepts and gr... [Read More]

Your Scoreboard for iPhone & iPad! Keep Score Of Anything!

Keep score of anything. Whether it is playing along with your favorite game show, playing a classroom game, or keeping track of how many... [Read More]

Jifiti Gifts - Perfect Gifts Sent As A Gift Card! (iPhone, iPad & Android)

Holiday gifting at the tip of your fingers! Shop dozens of your favorite stores like Banana Republic, Barnes & Noble, and Sephora a... [Read More]

WineStein Sommelier for Android

If you are looking for a way to impress someone or a group when going out to dinner, having an extensive knowledge of wines is a great ... [Read More]

Your Scoreboard Pro for iPad!

Keep score of anything. Whether it is playing along with your favorite game show, playing a classroom game, or keeping track of how man... [Read More]

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