Verse-A-Day for iPhone & iPad. Daily Bible Verses

We all know that the Bible is the most popular and published literary work ever. It’s also a large book. With Kindles, iPads and other Tablets available, it would be very convenient to have it on a modern device for reading, study and research. What if you could widen your understanding of the Bible Daily with verses and commentary? Verse-A-Day aspires to tackle this head on.
A Verse A Day?
The title of the app quickly reminded us of the ever popular “Word Of The Day” by where a word is given, its definition and an example of how it is used in a Sentence. Verse-A-Day follows this paradigm but gives us a Bible Verse every day. Below each random verse is a concise commentary to aid your understanding of the verse. As everyone knows, religious text can be open to interpretation, so we enjoyed having this commentary because it could spark some discussion and debate. Perfect for run-of-the-mill conversation and other applications such as Sunday school. We could even imagine a minister or priest using the app to help put together the subjects of their sermon or mass.
Covering All Bases
To heighten the usefulness of the app, the developers kindly included translations of each given verse. Going to the settings menu reveals displays for the New English Translation, New International Version, New King James Version, New Living Translation and King James Version. Nice touch!
From here, you can also change the Font Size, the Background Transparency (works like contrast) and of course you can go for in-app purchases to remove ads and allow for bookmarking.
Users can scroll backward to look over verses from days before. You are allowed to scroll back to as much as a week before. Anything before that and you are asked to email and request the date you are looking for to which they will reply with the verse and commentary. This is nice, but it would be nice to have all of these readily available.
If you are looking for a new way to study the bible or become acquainted with biblical verses and their meaning, then this app will be useful. Even without the in-app purchases, you will enjoy having this on your device.

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