Fun Collect for iPhone and iPad!

The old adage is “simple is always” better right? This sometimes applies to gaming. Sometimes the games with the simplest concepts and graphics become the most addictive and challenging affairs. We have recently reviewed a few games which fast follow this rule. Fun Collect for iPhone & iPad continues in this tradition.

Enter Fun Collect
The premise behind Fun Collect is simple. You have two tubes on the far sides of the display. Small pellets fall from the top of the screen. Using one of the selected objects chosen before game play, you try to maneuver the pellets into the tubes. The objective is to collect as many as you can in a set amount of time. There are no levels, no boards and no bosses. When the time runs out, you simply play again choosing anyone of the objects to assist you on your quest. Quite simple don’t you think?
The Other Side
The only criticism we had with this was the lack of an info manual. On a serious note, you will quickly find out why this is unnecessary. Aside from figuring out that the tubes move up and down in a predictive manner, there really is nothing to learn. Still this would have been useful.
The developers make note of the fact that the game utilizes the Sprite Kit Framework. Some gaming veterans will remember how important sprites were to gaming in the early days of 8 bit computing. The simple layout and large sprites will take you back to that time.
Fun Collect is simple, fun and can be addicting. The top score is planted firmly at the bottom of the screen to remind you how good you have gotten. If you are the competitive type, part of the addiction will come from trying to beat your top score. The app is a free install. Enjoy!

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