Dad Shark for iPhone&iPad!

Flappy mania doesn’t seem to want to go away, which is bad because of too much of the same thing does get boring. Regendanz has released some alternatives. His Shark series ups the ante by using a Shark which you tap to swim. You avoid seaweed instead of pipes, try your best not to hit the ground or the sea surface, and best of all, you get to eat fish! This series, which is more playable, makes things a bit more interesting because you can increase your score by other means aside from just avoiding obstacles.
Meet Dad Shark
There was Baby Shark. There was Mama Shark. Dad Shark ups the ante by being far more fast paced. When we say fast paced, we mean it. You won’t know what happen. The game is so fast that you have no choice but to concentrate as much as possible. Your objective of course is to avoid seaweed, the surface or the floor like in previous versions, but since the game moves that much faster, hitting seaweed is almost a given.
Like the earlier versions, your objective is to beat your highest score. Since eating fish increases your score, you may want to eat as many fish as possible. Our highest score in Dad Shark was 258. We were actually proud of this. We died many a death trying being overwhelmed at the fast pace of the game.
Though we liked Baby Shark and Mama Shark, we believe that Dad Shark should’ve been released first. Those Flappy gurus and enthusiasts would really feel the pinch on their first go with Dad Shark. As with earlier versions, we like the background music, the graphics are pretty standard flair and the expanding on a tried and true concept is very inviting. Our advice? Check out Baby Shark and head right to Dads Shark. If you know anyone who brags about their scores in Flappy Bird, tell them to give Dad Shark a try… That is if they are brave enough.

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