Bubble Jeopardy for iPhone&iPad!

How many ways can you skin a cat? Several hundred apparently. When Candy Crush hit the market some time ago, it took the mobile game platform by storm spawning hundreds of imitators, but most of these impostors just took the original game and changed the game pieces. Bubble Jeopardy takes the concept and reinvents it, adding different game piece such as balloons and bubbles, as well as interesting combinations to help you clear boards faster, all of which gives far more options make the game more enticing and cerebrally rewarding.
Pop Pop Pop
Bubble Jeopardy has several game objectives. At its core, your job is to combine matching balloon colors. Matching three balloons will clear those off of the board forcing the balloons in adjacent rows and columns to move up or sideways accordingly. Matching four combines them into a smiley face. If you are able to match up smiley faces, entire rows can be cleared. Depending on the positions of matched balloons or smiley faces, adjacent or affected bubbles can be popped. Some bubbles have tacks within them. Popping those bubbles will drop tacks onto adjacent balloons clearing those out. As you advance through levels, spray cans allow you to fizzle your way to clearing boards. The developers really considered ways to keep players engaged and surprised. We played the game in several levels and there was always something new to discover and help us clear rows and columns.
Bubble Jeopardy takes and old concept and makes it completely fresh. What made the game most enjoyable was an active tutorial which assisted us through the first three levels. The tutorial gives ideas on where to move balloons, shows you how to match effectively and get the most out of game play. That alone makes the game worth your time. Between the colorful graphics and plentiful surprises, Bubble Jeopardy has something for everyone and make you think twice about every getting tired of matching games.

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