Teething Chart iPhone/iPad App Review

Remember the tooth fairy? If you’re a parent and have a child age 6-12, you might be in the habit of leaving quarters underneath their pillow. in addition to cute pictures, adorable lisps and diaries highlighting every milestone, there is a new app which can help you trace each step of the journey with colorful illustrations and tips to boot.
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Teething Chart is an iOS app which features illustrations spotlighting the transition between losing baby teeth and acquiring a full set of adult choppers during late childhood.
When opening the app, it asks for you to enter the child’s gender. From there, it prompts you to their age. You can enter any age from 6-12. Once all of aforementioned information is entered, the number of teeth generally visible at that age displays. Baby teeth are displayed in either blue or pink depending on the gender, and adult teeth are shown in white.
Teething Chart Will Guide You Through Your Child’s Dental Journey
For example, entering six as the age shows an almost full set of baby teeth with the first molars being the first adult teeth to make their way in. Age 8 shows twelve adult teeth, from the First Molars, all the way to the Lateral and Central Incisors.
Using Teething Chart is a breeze. You simply select the gender, enter your child’s age and go. Like their other app “My Babys Teeth”, the only criticism is the lack of links to more in depth information. The addition of tips however adds to the apps usefulness. Whether you wish to educate yourself about the emergence of permanent teeth or give your child a guide of their own so they know what to expect, Teething Chart be app you’d want to have handy.
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