Daniel Ventura's Cover Model Body for iPhone&iPad

Let’s face it. Going to the gym is a time consuming effort. Getting the perfect body, the types of bodies displayed in the media require a monumental amount of time and dedication, but for those who want it, they’ll put themselves through the herculean struggle to get it. From calisthenics like sit-ups and push ups to weight bearing exercises like chest presses and squats, without pain there is no gain. Getting the perfect body requires more than a monumental commitment, but through encouragement and direction also. Personal trainers usually require a generous sum of money. But what about those who wish to get that model body, but can’t afford a gym membership and wish not to spend money on a personal trainer? For those people, there’s Daniel Ventura!
Get Fit!
Daniel Ventura who has had an intense career as a respected fashion model for designers like Calvin Klein and Prada and then began working as a fitness model and was featured on the cover of Men’s Health, is now offering his personal training methods via a new app. Daniel Ventura’s Cover Model body is a collection of routines, workouts, exercises, and advice which will whip you into shape in no time. What makes this different than many of the other apps is that you literally get Daniel Ventura talking t you. Each routine features an in-depth video so you can see exactly what you need to do for each exercise.
Included with the base app is the Beginner routine. Intermediate and Advanced workouts require purchasing the full version of the app, which is more than generous 2.99. The beginner workouts include exercises such as Basic Crunches, Twisted Crunches, Planks and Roll Ups. The Intermediate and Advanced workouts include Pendulums, Weighted Sit Ups, Alternating Reach Outs, Roll Outs, Plank Pike Up, Leg Pushdowns, Ab Killers, Weighted Reach Crunches, Weighted Jack Knifes and more. In addition to these advanced workouts, a Fat Burner collection of workouts are included  to help target those pounds that just won’t quite shake off.
This is one of the better workout apps we’ve seen in quite some time. The interface is very sleek and easy to get around. Workouts and routines are nicely organized and Daniel Ventura spends his time in each video explaining how to do exercises correctly with excellent form. The workouts afforded to you with the in app purchase is overly generous. Keep in mind that you would probably be spending up to $80/Hr on personal trainers here in the states. While the app won’t make you work out, having a guide is beyond helpful and even seasoned fitness vets would find something useful with the app. If you’re looking for the cover model body and want tips from a seasoned pro, Daniel Ventura’s Cover Model body is definitely worth the look. 

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