YEAY for the iPhone and iPad!

YEAY is a revolutionary e-commerce experience that redefines what it means to buy and sell on a mobile device. With full-screen vertical video only, users are able to create and consume diverse content in its most current, concise and enjoyable format. Sell it your way - on YEAY!!!

Here’s what makes YEAY special:

VIDEO ONLY: YEAY is a platform that just presents videos - because selling through photos is done!

BROWSE EASY: Full-screen vertical video content for a more ergonomic, honest & entertaining experience. 

SIMPLE UX: Navigate through your feed using a simple swipe.

LIVE SALES: Purchase items LIVE with one simple click. 

MAKE IT YOURS: Follow your favourite brands, sellers or people to stay up to date with all that you love. 

GO GLOBAL: Create sales videos that will be seen by millions of users across the world to maximise your reach!

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