Ninja Warz 2 for iPhone&iPad!

Our fascination with Ninjas and martial arts goes back for centuries. Popularized in American Culture by way of the media, namely movies, there is no greater ego booster than confidence afforded to us by extensive martial arts knowledge. Do you have to run to your nearest dojo to become an expert in Martial Arts? If you have an iOS device, you may be able to skip on your lessons. Ninja Warz, a game that took the iOS world by storm now has an action packed sequel complete with 100+ weapons, fighting style, epic bosses, options galore and much more. You can do it better than any martial art guru with just a few taps.
Ninja Warz 2 takes place on a floating island. This island contains a number of buildings used for various purposes. The Hospital allows you to heal ninjas. Relics can be purchased from the Relic Shop. The Dojo allows you to manage and train Ninjas. You can also upgrade weapons there. The weapon shop allows you to acquire new weapons, though they must be purchased. Weapon can be purchased with existing coins. You can aquire more coins through winning battles or via in app purchases. Some of the weapons include Katanas, Quaterstaffs, Maginatas, Hook Swords and more. There are literally 100+ weapons. They range in price from 75 coins all the way to 515,000 coins for twin axes. The recruit center lets you recruit ninjas to add to your squad. Buildings can be upgraded to allow for more functionality.
Game Play
Once everything is set up, you acquired ninjas and have the appropriate weapons, you can start fighting. You will be prompted to choose your ninjas and its opponent. Earlier levels are easier, with you fighting one opponent. As you advance, enemies can blindside you by appearing from behind, or you may end up with several ninjas to ward off. Tapping the screen puts your weapon in action. We flew through the first level keeping our health bar strong and acquiring coins, karma and “xp”. We did not get as far as fighting epic bosses, but once you do get to experience it in the game overview which shows several ninjas fighting a dragon with powers.
Ninja Warz has so much that it felt as if we were playing a console game. The graphics were good, there are so many options, weapons, fighting scenarios, upgrades and refreshers (i.e. healing) that the game could feel overwhelming at times. What we felt was missing was a comprehensive tutorial explaining all of the buildings and where to go from the outset. Taking your time to figure this out will provide the best playing experience. That said, there is very little to complain about. Ninja Warz 2 will keep you entertained. With all that is contained within, you have to wonder how the developer managed to make this game free! If you’re looking for a game that is full of action, then this is definitely it.

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