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So it’s happened. You’re about to meet who appears to be the perfect person on a date which you set up online and are super excited. You know the person loves live music, but you have no idea where to take them because the date is tomorrow. You can scan the paper, check Craigslist and take your chances. What if there was an app that can notify you about all of the live music events in your area. What if it could list acts by genre, location and even let you hear samples of their playing in advance? Ladies and gentleman, it’s been done. Introducing Livinity
Live Your Life
Livinity is a free install. Once fired up you are requested to allow your device to send you notification. You will then be prompted to set up your music tastes. You are allowed up to three. Everything you would expect is present. You can select every style of music from Rock and Hip-Hop to Country and Soul. From there, you can set the radius of your vicinity. Perhaps you only want to view acts within a 25 mile radius. This parameter has you covered. From there you are set, you can view acts in your area. Distance from where you are is listed, along with the genre and a picture of the group. The venue is also listed. If this does not sound excited, it is because there’s more.
Sample Till You Drop
What sets Livinity apart from other music events app is that it lets you sample music of each artists after you click on their event. You can even download their music from an iTunes link. Never again will you have to worry about whether an act will be good or not. If you know your friend’s music taste, or know exactly what you are looking for, then this feature will be a godsend already. This beats searching through periodicals and online listings, or having to visit different sites to do your research. Livinity’s developers took the stress out of that process.
Artists Unite
Artists and Venues can go directly to the Livinity website and enter their information so they can show up in the app listings. It is simple as creating an account and following directions from there. We did not do this during our review, but this nifty feature is a great way for acts to get noticed and build a fan base. Also, it adds another marketing avenue for venues looking to draw in crowds
If you want to be spontaneous, surprise a date, are looking for new fans and to draw crowds, Livinity has something for everyone. Livinity takes the guessing game out of looking for good live music that you and all of your friends can enjoy. 

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