Blleep for iPhone&iPad!

Blleep is all about how we gather. It is a fun and fast way to group interesting people nearby.
Blleep allows you to create spontaneous events that’s timed and could be sent out in an instant amongst your network nearby. Best of all, it protects your privacy while still ensuring your capability to social.

It’s Instant, Spontaneous, and Secure
∙ Quickly find the number of friends at any location.
∙ Adjust radius to see the numbers of friends change.
∙ Start an event by simply clicking on the creat button.
∙ Default settings let short events expire in an hour.
∙ Look up public events around any location you choose.
∙ Record or type in a message as titles, and push the invitations to friends around one location.
∙ Feel no obligation when denying invitations as only the identities of those accepting invitations will be shown to the host.
∙ Plan big events ahead of time and decide the size of the party by simply adjusting the numbers on the home page.
∙ Send messages, voice messages, pictures or links to friends with ease.
∙ Start or join group conversations.

Bleep is secure. Privacy is invaluable to our customers. Blleep has an unique algorithm that lets you see the number of friends around a location, but none of the other users’ identities will be revealed to you until they accepted the invitation. In contrast, in order for most of our competitors on the market to facilitate similar services, users’ locations are constantly being tracked and readily available to the public.

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