Super Beardo - The Drunk Super Hero for iPhone&iPad!

Super Beardo is very unusual super hero. Use his weird super powers to crush the enemy and get to the top of the world. He always wanted to become the most popular in the world of super heroes. You can help him to live his dream!
Super Beardo is a drunk super hero. He is not really well mannered. He farts, burps, vomits and makes other weird noises. He loves to drink too.

His enemies are not the regular super hero enemies that you would expect. Being drunk all the time, he crashes into rocks, trees, bushes and trash containers. He needs to avoid his enemies or crush them using his super powers.

Super Powers
Super Beardo has different super powers:

∙ Fart-A-Pult: He eats can of beans and gets higher elevation from farts. He loves the beans!

∙ Beer Power: He drinks beer and screams his way up. If you shout loud to the microphone he is going to get motivated and fly even faster! You have to try it out.

∙ Magnetic Field:  He gets his special magnetic field, which attracts the coins. Super Beardo has some magic tricks as well.

∙ Filth Balloon: He gets filth bubble around him, which protects him from his enemies. He doesn’t really care for hygiene, so his stink melts the enemies. 

∙ Kick In The Butt: He is really lazy so he loves kick in the butt. Kick in the butt helps him make a good start in his challenge. 


∙ Tilt controlled game
∙ Multiplayer – play with against your friends 
∙ Great upgrades – upgrade Super Beardo’s super powers to make higher scores
∙ Extremely fun – funny character with unusual super powers
∙ Challenging – challenge players all around the world

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