Bricks Engineer for iPhone&iPad!

Simple yet challenging is a concept that very few game developers get right. It’s been the cornerstone of the industry’s biggest classics. While new games are being developed at an almost feverish pace, the retro games of yesteryear keep generating new fans by popping up on new platforms. Games which capture on the simplicity of those games tend to fare pretty well. Bricks Engineer follows that paradigm. There are no fancy graphics, deafening music or annoying power ups just straight forward gameplay with one goal, and that’s to keep going.
Straight To The Point.
The game consists of two types of bricks, full bricks and empty bricks. Each brick has an arrow. If you see a full brick, then you have to swipe in the direction of the brick. Empty bricks require you to swipe in the opposite direction. Just to add more of a challenge, all bricks have to be swiped before they disappear. Failure to do so or swiping in the wrong direction will cause you to crash meaning game over.
There are three game modes – Arcade, Race and Time. Arcade works in the way we just described. We humbly suggest getting your feet wet in Time mode before playing in arcade mode. While the tutorial gives a good overview, some of the language isn’t clear (i.e. swipe right, but they really meant “swipe in the direction of”). Time mode gets takes off time limits by allowing the bricks to stay on the screen which lets you adjust to the game play. Once you figure things out then its onto Race and Arcade mode.
Race mode reminds us of Don’t Tap The White Tile. It simply times how fast you can get through a series of bricks. Of course as mentioned above, Arcade mode is where you really get to test your understanding of the game and your reflexes.
Bricks Engineer is simple and fun. Once you understand the concept, you will fly. Prepare to bang your head for making a lot of stupid mistakes. The app listing says “Seems easy right? All we can say is good luck!”. We can only express the same sentiment. It is simple, fun, but very, very challenging.

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