Purple Submarine II for Android!

There is no such thing as too much of a good thing! Purple Submarine II joins the tap to navigate madness that has taken over gaming since the introduction of Flappy Bird not too long ago. The difference here is, there are no birds. It’s just you, your submarine, a bunch of sharks, island tunnels, and lots and lots of water. With a multitude of power ups and advancement options available, Purple Submarine is less about obstacles and more about exciting gameplay.
Rules Of The Game
Rather than flying through pipes, in this game, you have to pilot your submarine through island tunnels. Tapping on the screen will drag your submarine closer to the seafloor. Letting the screen go brings you up to the surface. With this in mind, keeping your finger on the screen is not the right move. To capture the essence of underwater movement, dragging the submarine downward puts it at an angle. What this means is, you can easily crash into either the seafloor, or at odd angles within island tunnels. You have been warned!
As if navigating wasn’t difficult enough, if you manage to make to at least the sixth obstacle, sharks will appear. They need to be avoided also. If you are able to rack up enough credits, you can zap sharks, shrink our submarine to fit through tunnels better, slow your submarine down, or even zap entire islands out of the way! The latter requires at least 20 credits. We suffered in the beginning but fared better as we figured out how to best control our vessel. Our highest score was 12. After repeated attempts, we managed to accumulate 40 credits which allowed us to take advantage of power-ups.
Is It Worth It?
We have to be honest and say that any gripes had in the beginning went away quickly once we really understood how to control the submarine. The game became quite exciting and we couldn’t put it down. The only criticism we have is that if the graphics were a little better, say if it were 3D, we would give it 5 stars. That said, we give the game a 4 out of 5 stars. The power ups, addition of sharks as secondary obstacles, and the relative difficulty of vessel control made the game quite challenging and enjoyable. Check out Purple Submarine II. You won’t be disappointed. 

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