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Abstract Art appreciators unite! According to Wikipedia, Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and lines to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence of visual references in the world. This means that just using colors and lines, you can come up with just about anything that cannot really be described. This leaves a lot of questions, opportunities for analysis and appreciation. With the many individuals who enjoy the works of Post-Impressionist and Cubism movements of the last two centuries, and want to bring those marvels to their iOS devices, Abstract Evolution will give you what you want and more!
Abstract Evolves
Abstract Evolution allows you to create abstract masterpieces ranging from different colors, shapes and orientations with a bunch of starter images. These combinations of lines, odd shapes and positions, many of which resembles spheroids, cubes and aspirin shaped ovals are presented as twelve images laid out on tiles in a grid on your screen. The purpose of the app is to make your image evolve randomly with a few taps. Tapping on any of the twelve images begins the mutation process. Whichever image you decide to mutate and evolve is based on the starter image chosen. The starter images range in colors with light pastels being the most frequent.
In our tests, we began with an image that resembles a two band aids laid out in a cross shape engulfed by a circle. Tapping on this image a first time displayed the same image in many colors ranging from light blues, to light turquoises, yellows and greens. A second tap revealed deeper colors. A third tap revealed similar images, with images further down the grid beginning to break up in ways similar to when a kaleidoscope is rotated. Some of the images included a broken version of the former image. One had the enclosing circle removed. Another tap revealed square like images. By our ninth tap, we had images that bared little resemblance to our initial offering. Cool!
Variations On A Theme
Abstract Evolution gives you several means to edit your image. With the lock feature, you can lock several characteristics of your image from being altered with each mutation. These include Lock Colors, Lock Decoration, Lock Orientation and Lock Structure. Of these, only three of them may be activated at any given time. Lock Orientation keeps the image from veering off too much. A horizontal rectangle for example will continue to resemble itself with each tap. Lock color will keep you in the same color range. Lock Decoration will keep the main components of the initial image intact.
All of these editing parameters will help you achieve wildly different results and give you a degree of control on how your image evolves.
Share With The World
Abstract Evolution allows you to share your masterpieces with the world. You can share your images on Facebook, Email them, or even send them via SMS. To make things even more interesting, you can assign your images to contacts on your device! You can copy them or even print them out. You can also share your images with people nearby using Air Drop
Abstract Evolution is a very unique app and will of course interest those who are into Abstract Art. The ability to assign your efforts to the contacts in your phone will allow you to customize your device in unconventional ways. Even if you have no interest in the abstract, playing around with the colors, vague shapes and sizes, and coming up with random unpredictable results will open many eyes. This is a free install and worth checking out!

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