Color Lines (4 in 1) for Android!

Once upon a time when games came on giant floppy disks and cartridges, and were far more expensive, game packs were common place and considered quite the bargain. For the price of one game, you could get as many as four and occupy yourself with fun for hours on end. You would feel as if you accomplished some major feat. Why spend X amount of dollars on one game when you could get many for the same price?! In the mobile world, we have not seen many offerings like these as in the days of yore. This is why Color Lines (4 in 1) for Android is quite the treat.
Blurred Lines
Color Lines as the title implies consists of four separate games. These include, “Color Lines”, “Push Boxes”, “Diamonds Tap” and “Guess Codes”. Each offering uses the simplest of graphics, are all based on simple colors, but still manages to push decent game play. Selecting any of the four games reveals leaderboards (called “records), allows for continuation of previous attempts and detailed game instructions. The latter deserves a round of applause.
Color Lines
Color Lines is similar to games like Candy Crush. The objective is to move like colored balls on the grid so they line up either Vertically, Horizontally or Diagonally. Once linked, the balls will explode and clear out. To move a ball, you tap on the ball you wish to move, and then tap on a box on the grid you wish to move the ball to. Each time you move a ball, more balls appear on the grid. You essentially have to prevent balls from taking over the grid. Color Lines is simple and endless. The undo feature will come in handy.
Push Boxes
We though Push Boxes was the best game in the pack and could see it being a successful standalone game. In this 50 level game, you use a red circle to push boxes to a green circle. To push a box, the red circle has to be in front of it. Other boxes and walls can act as obstacles and prevent you from moving your box, so logical thinking is required. Once you get a box to a green circle, the box turns from gold to blue and you succeed.
Each level features several boxes in compromising positions. It is up to you to get all boxes successfully to the green circles. In some levels, the green circles are on opposites sides of the playing area. In others, they are on top of each other. Not surprisingly, subsequent levels become increasingly difficult. Like Color Lines, Push Boxes has an undo feature which makes the game far more enjoyable.
Diamonds Tap
Another game similar to candy crush, in Diamonds Tap, you are given a grid of candy like cubes. Your job is to tap the like colored cubes from groups of two and upward. Tapping groups clears them out. Larger groups give more points. Each level has a target score. For example, Level 1 has a target of 1000. Once you pass the target, you can move ahead.
Guess Codes
Guess codes gives you multiple opportunities to guess the order of a predefined set of colored balls. Easy, Medium and Hard levels are available. In the Easiest level, you get eight tries to guess the correct order of three colored balls. In the Hard level, you get twelve tries to guess the correct order of five colored balls. In each level, you have to drag the colored balls from the bottom of the screen into their correct positions. After each attempt, the game will let you know how many balls were in the correct position and how many were placed incorrectly. What it won’t tell you is which colors do not belong at all.
We weren’t too excited about this game at first, but not getting the order right did make it quite addictive. We say to give this very simple game a chance. This is all about logic. It may even evoke memories of Proof lessons from your High School Geometry class. “If this one is correct and the others aren’t, which ball should I drag in next?” and “Which color is in the correct slot?” were questions we asked ourselves with each try.
While this is no action adventure game, this ad supported game pack has a few standouts. Push Boxes is the strongest game in the collection and we would download Color Lines (4 in 1) just for that alone.

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