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Summer is coming! Pretty soon you will see an onslaught of cars on the road, airline seats reserved and hotels booked. Often, getting there is the easy part. Finding places to stay that fit your every need and expectation is not. We are referring to hotel booking. Often, contacting hotels directly is a tedious process. Sometimes inaccurate information is given, and the opinions received may be a bit biased since hotels need rooms to be booked in order to stay in business. Bunkd for iOS comes to rescue! With this app, you have information about more than half a million hotels and the ability to book rooms in anyone of them at your fingertips.
How Many Did You Say?
Bunkd prides itself upon pulling information from over 45 hotel search engines for your convenience. What this means is, you have over 750,000 hotels worldwide to choose from.  The user interface is very modern, sleek and easy to navigate. In spite of this, the developers still included a step by step tutorial. You are walked through the tutorial once you sign up. Registration options include standard email or logging in via Facebook.
By way of push notifications and location monitoring, Bunkd will immediately pull all of the hotels in your area. As we are doing this review in New York City, it should not surprise you that thousands of hotels were displayed in the New York City metro area. You can also search by city if you wish to look for hotels elsewhere. The list of hotels displayed after the app refreshes itself all appear on tiles. Each hotel tile contains the name of the establishment, star rating, consumer rating , distance from your current position, and most importantly price. Listings can appear in ascending or descending fashion based on how you set the aforementioned parameters (i.e. price ascending).
Getting The Place
Booking a hotel is as simple as swiping any tile to the left and adding it to your Bunkd list. From there, you can tap on the tile and be taken to the details page for that hotel. The details page will list general information about the hotel, a map showing its location, plus prices from each of the 45 hotel search engines Bunkd uses. To complete your booking, you need to tap on the price which suits you best. This takes you to the actual hotel page where you can complete the checkout.
Before booking, you would need to stipulate the number of rooms you require, the date(s) you wish to occupy those rooms, and the number of guests. All of this does affect price. Setting these parameters is as easy as tapping the calendar or person icon at the top left side of the main screen.
If that were not enough, Bunkd lets you display prices in different currencies; hundreds of them. We have reviewed other hotel apps, but what sets Bunkd apart is its use of 45 search engines, its attractive user interface, startup tutorial and organization.  We stand by recommending this app. Whether you want to plan a weekend getaway, or if you’re a seasoned traveler, Bunkd will come in super handy every time. 

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