Rudetoons for iPhone, iPad & Android! Send A Rudetoon And Brighten Up A Boring Day!

Tired of sending lame text messages? “Lame” because in this day and age of Facebook and Instagram where graphics and regular photos are the norm, we all want to find more striking ways to get the attention of our followers. Memes and Graphical Text are all the rage because they can be comical and elicit responses. Isn’t that what we want? Rudetoons Text takes this concept a step further by adding funny and some risqué pics to brighten anyone’s day!

How To Use It

Rudetoons user interface is straight forward. No help icon needed. From left to right you have the following icons – Recent, Games, Home, Favorites and Help. The Home Screen is where you will be for the most part when using this app. You are given three picture panels and a scrollbar. Swiping left or right lets you take a look at all of the available pictures. There are many to choose from. You have everything from Animals vomiting and people with missing teeth, to a man mooning you to chickens smoking!
Once you find an image you like, double tapping the largest of the three picture panels takes you to the image. You can enlarge the image and then send it via Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Text. Once you are ready to post, you can add accompanying text (i.e. a Facebook status update). It could not be any simpler.

What Else?

Recent lets you look at images you worked with recently. Favorites allow you to pin favorite images. A nice welcome surprise is the Games icon. Included is a game of Tic-Tac Toe using the supplied images. You can play against the computer or set up a two player situation. Nice touch! As the app is priced at $1.99, we would like to see more games included, or the option to add some free image packs.

If you are looking for another way to connect with your friends on social media, or want to send someone a surprising MMS or Email, Rudetoons Text is another option. The app is very easy to use and will reveal some interesting surprises.


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