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Just every college student, current and former will cringe in frustration when the subject of textbook costs come up. You also have the individuals who have tons of books lying around their dwellings and want to remove clutter. Then of course you have those who have moved onto kindles and tablets and also wish to remove the mess of books they have acquired

While you could mill around on established sites like Amazon or eBay, you deal with the bidding process and all sorts of middle men or obstacles. What if there was an app for that? With just a few taps, Cash4Books might be the new trendsetter.

Get Cash For Your Books Now

The premise behind Cash4Books is pretty simple. You have books, you want to sell them, and you want to do it quickly and easily. The interface supports all of the above. Getting around the app is a cinch  The startup screen contains four icons neatly laid out on the bottom of the screen. 
The SCANNER icon allows you to scan books using the camera in your device. Once scanned, the book pops up on the screen with the offered price. The instructions indicate that you must position the book 3 inches above the camera for proper and successful scanning. If you have any trouble, there is nothing to fear. The next icon, KEYPAD allows you to manually enter the ISBN number of any book. We tried several books with success. Even if the book wasn't eligible for cash, it still popped up on the screen. 

Selling Your Books

Once an offer price appears on the screen, you can move onto the checkout process which gives you further instructions. If you have more books that you would like to sell, you can continue to scan or enter ISBN numbers until you are ready to complete checkout.
Like any other book selling service, you are not allowed to sell damaged books. The INFO icon gives access to Selling Policies and other important information. It is here that you can find information on what you cannot sell.


There was not much not to like about this app. We are big on usability. In just about every pre-review we do, we pay close attention to the user interface. Cash4Book is a real get-up-and-go app. With just a few taps, you really are on your way to sell your books. The UI brings the convenience that we have come to expect with productivity apps and has the potential to eat away at users running to the more established competitors. With the app being free, there literally is nothing to lose.
The only complaint we had was that the scanner was not always reliable. The developer recommends being in a well lit area in order to effectively scan books. During our usage, our area was not well lit, which is most likely the cause of any or lack of success with scanning. 5 out of 5 stars.

Special Promotion

As a courtesy from the developer, selling at least $20 in books will allow you to be eligible to enter the code "GiveMeApps" which will allow you to receive 10% more in cash! Offer expires 12/31/2013. 


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