The Gravity for iPhone and iPad. The Most Difficult Logic Game Ever!

Perhaps you have conquered every logic puzzle or brainteaser ever conceived. You are the logic connoisseur. There is no puzzle or problem too difficult for you to solve. If you think there is nothing that will ever stump you, then you haven’t come across The Gravity for iOS. Brace yourself tough logic guy!

The Game

The Gravity is a no-frills logic game setup to frustrate you and leave you scratching your head in disbelief. The objective is to flip around the cubes so water can flow in between them in the correct manner. The cubes appear as naturesque, satellite-like images of either barren land or land with rivers flowing within. Each side of the cube contains a different one of these images.

Hints Anyone?

To assist, you are given a “hint cube”, always appearing on the far right. To use the hint cube, you tap on one of the active cubes. The hint cube then displays what is on each side of the active cube in question. This allows you to properly match the active cubes. Starter game levels have two active cubes, while more appear in advanced levels, complicating the fair.

While this sounds temptingly easy, the clincher is that you have a limited number of moves you make, five. You are able to flip the hint cube as many times as you feel necessary to help, but there is no guarantee that hints will drive you to a match, so your options are limited. This will drive you up the wall! Lower levels are a laugh, but level three and beyond will make you clench your fists. This game isn’t for the weak.

Design and UI

The only criticism we had for this game is the lack of a dedicated manual or info icon to properly explain the game in the startup menu. This menu has options for playing, changing the background music level and exiting, that’s it. Basic directions are printed at the top of the screen during game play. You eventually figure it out, but still yet, an info center or tutorial would have been nice.


Criticism aside, the developers tout this game as a difficult logic puzzle. We could not agree more. If you want go head to head with your friends to show off who may be smarter, decide who can think more logically, or give yourself a brain buster, The Gravity is it. We simply did not come across anyone who did not sweat bullets while taking a crack it. The Gravity is worth the download. 

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