Car City Parking 3D for Android! How Well Can You Park Your Car?

There have always been a ton of car themed video games on the market, all the way back to the beginning of the video game industry. These games however, almost always feel under one category, racing. There are so many other potential applications that are routinely overlooked. Car City Parking 3D from Developer, Ezitek Games brings Car Parking Simulation into the fray which could possibly make for great practice for beginning drivers, or people who just want to kill some time and show everyone that they too can do the perfect park.

Enter Car City Parking 3D

All jokes aside, the developer makes it very clear from the beginning of the game that it is designed for “Educational Use Only” with this inscription written in small letters on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
The startup screen has a glitzy car in the foreground with several options. “Play” is self-explanatory. “Free Run” lets you drive your car around a parking lot to get a taste of how to operate your car and move it about. “More Apps” lets you check out other apps from the developer, and like most games, there is an option for checking “Achievements” and for rating the app “Rate”.

The Game

The one thing missing which we didn’t like was a dedicated info button with information on how to operate the vehicle. It took several minutes for us to get adjusted and to learn how to operate our vehicle. Once figure out though, it’s a breeze to use. Your Parking Break and gas pedal are on the right hand side of the screen. Your wheel is in the bottom left corner. A button which looks like a standard “pause” button is actually the way to quit the game.
The coolest feature available is “Multiple View” button. It isn’t called that, but this is what it does. Tap it once, and you can see in front of you. Tap it again, and you get an overhead view of your car from outside. Tap it a third time and you can see in front of you, but from an overhead position (leaving you to see the back of your own car).

Handling & Game Play

Handling is not as easy as we would like in a car game. The car is hard to maneuver and you have to really get a lock on the game play. This is for good reason however. Move to fast and you may crash into something. The slow moving vehicle allows you to concentrate on your turns and park as best as you can.
There is a clock, so you have to be able to park within a certain amount of time. Let the clock run out and you have to start over. You advance to other levels by completing preceding levels thereby unlocking subsequent ones.  The first level is laughably easy. By level two, you will be struggling quite a bit. Watch out for cones, walls and other cars.


Will this game get you a driver’s license? Obviously not, but the game is enjoyable once you get the hang of it. You will be forced to concentrate without a doubt. This is a nice break from the typical car racing games that we seem to come across time and time again. The developer frequently updates the app and it has been receiving a good response. We rate this app well and recommend you give it the college try.


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