Samuel T. Moore Of Corte Magore For The iPad

Any student from Pre-School to college can tell you the importance of devices like the iPad. From the Kindle to the Windows and Android variants, tablets have been a driving force of change in Education bringing a variety of interactive books to many platforms. The iPad has a growing library of such interactive books. The folks over at DigitTab Media has recently published an exciting kids book for the iPad called "Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore".

The book is about the travels of a music fiddler crab named Samuel T. Moore. who is searching for a new home and ends up on the white, sandy beaches of "Corte Magore". He decides that he wants to live there for the rest of his life, but has to build a new home before his evil nemesis, "The Great Tide" tries to sweep him, his fiddle and bow out to sea.

The music is provided by prominent Nashville musician Robby Armstrong and narrated by Marconi Award Nominee Steve McCoy. Each page has a slight variant of the main musical theme. You can tell a lot of great care went into applying the music to this work as the vibe of the music changes along with the mood evoked by the text. This is a nice plus and is sure to get your child into the spirit of reading the book. The text is read at a nice medium page. The book features two spinning clocks, lots of bright colors, and a decent amount of fun looking animation.

The main premise of the book is that Samuel T. Moore is a hard worker. He is extremely independent, dedicated and does a lot of work by himself. Some of the points driven home in this book include: The concept of “building a home”, Hard work and self-reliance, Daring to dream of a better life, Overcoming adversity and Dealing with bullies and naysayers.

This iPad book is $4.99 and certainly worth the expense. Turn down the sound if you want your child to read on their own. Leave the sound up and your child enjoys a wonderful interactive experience. We give this book 4 1/2 out of stars and hope to see more material from this publisher in the near future. 

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